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10 Day Functional Planning Challenge

10 Day Functional Planning Challenge

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Are you in a planner slump? Looking for new planning strategies? Need planning inspiration and that push to start using your planner again? This is a 10 day functional planning challenge that includes a short video everyday and a corresponding workbook page for each day. 

*This course includes a workbook and refers to when it was given as a "free" resource. it also includes an different email address. You can now reach me at

Go at your own pace and fall in love with planning in your planner again!

Day 1: Checking Your Planner.

Day 2: To Do Lists

Day 3: Brain Dumping

Day 4: Reviewing and Reflecting

Day 5: Pre-Planning

Day 6: Time Blocking

Day 7: Lists

Day 8: Goals

Day 9: Inbox & Decluttering

Day 10: Commitment & Motivation

You can do this!!!


Upon purchase you should receive a separate email to enroll into this course. If you do not for some reason, please feel free to email me at 

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