How Affirmations Can Change Your Life

How Affirmations Can Change Your Life

Affirmations have been known to do so much good for your mental health. When you search up how affirmations can change your life, the first thing that pops up is...

"Affirmations help you to feel empowered and in control of your life. They reduce stress, tension, and anxiety. They help ground you and your thoughts so that you're not flailing helplessly down a negative spiral. They boost self-confidence and self-esteem." 

I'm not asking you to think positive all day, or replace negative thoughts, but to remember and remind yourself of all of the amazing thing YOU ARE.

The effects of affirmations was what led me to make them the main focus of my color selection for Lotus Paper Co. Each of the colors are named after an affirmation such as; bold, capable, enough, worthy, loved, resilient, strong, creative, and unique.


Do you often find yourself saying negative and hateful things towards yourself?

This is your reminder that you are SO MUCH MORE.

Checkout the stickers to see more about each of the colors chosen to represent an affirmation.

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Vienna Ortiz

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